Sunday, March 18, 2012

Basic Colours and Shaders

DR Week 10 from Bianca de Guzman on Vimeo.

Hi everybody. Here is my currently update for my Demo Reel. Feedback is much appreciated, and look forward to seeing more next week. This week was all about adding colours and shaders, and U.V. mapping. U.V. mapping is something I take very seriously, and I spent a long time working on it as well. Next week, I will be working on textures and finalizing the timing of the shots. These are just playblasts. I'm afraid that if I fully render them that they would take forever. Although I will most likely start a proper render for next week, meaning that my weekly updated video would only be of specific shots.

-Bianca DG

1 comment:

  1. hey bianca ill jump on this :D

    a few things, ur title screen shouldnt be longer then 5 seconds at the most. especially when u dont have anything moving, it seems like its frozen.

    when ur panning through ur first scene, and u stop at the flowers and pause...and then go to see over the houses, i would say keep it as a animated hold for the camera. dont actually let it stop. just let it move at the slightest. if u want it to stop at least for a little, have a longer slow down. its very stop go. same goes for your other shots.

    theres a white line at the top of ur house scene (the last shot) that probably isnt supposed to be there.

    i think the title for seneca is unnecessary, people will probably stop the video by then, just have 1 title screen at the end. they might be mistaken and think u did this for seneca, rather then being from it.

    and try to keep it down to like 2 fonts? be a little more consistant maybe. ur titles couild also fade between eachother. because ur demo is slow and such, i think fades would fit it. especially the song.

    the render of ur cartoony place is cool, but that last pink flower is very much in the center in the frame, id say move that a little and ur golden. also, the chandeleer looks like its floating right now because theres no spec highlights on ur chain to seperate it from the curtain behind it. its very dark. i also never really see that lighting in ur video, and i know u wrote that the lights will turn on just make sure it looks the same.

    last thing, ur last shot of ur room is very similar to the first one, be careful, u just moved down a bit. try to keep ur shots 30 degrees in difference to eachother when moving the camera around.

    hopefully this helps ^_____^