Friday, September 9, 2011

Be Grateful and the CNE Part 2

I am the type of person who is not used to being grateful because I tend to like to do everything myself, so I don't really know what to be grateful for. Aside from the obvious, and having access to all the needs and some of my wants. I live a pretty good life. Sometimes, I forget that I live a good life because I get so consumed in my small world.

I came home tonight to see a car parked out my lot, and I was pretty annoyed because I knew that it was company. I then remembered that my mother told me that she was going to have company, and then I sighed before I knocked to get the door opened. After my mom saw me, she gave me a kiss and introduced me to her friends. She already told one of her friends about the summer job that I had.

That friend of hers talked to me and she says, "You went to a wedding to draw people as the wedding favors right?"

I said, "Yea, it was fun."

Then she talks to my mom's other friends and said, "Look at that! She's having fun! She didn't even talk about the money! Having fun while earning money, isn't that great!"

Then I thought, "Hey, that is right. It is great."

I think that we all get so caught up in being busy that we forget that we're actually doing something that we love. It's good to have fun, but to make a living out of it is an even better thing to do. I don't want to compare myself to others because that is usually not fair, and maybe what I'm saying is also not fair because it's not the same case for everyone. But the deal is, when you find what you really want to do, don't forget to be grateful.

Second part of the entry, here's some more CNE Caricatures:

-Bianca DG