Monday, August 29, 2011

Reasons Why I love Rafa

Although the title is a joke (just a little bit), I really do have good reasons as to why I love Rafa. My best and current example would be because he gave me the best advice I had heard so far in my life (actually, it's the second best. The best one was when Graves told me to go to Animation). So in any case, Rafa gave me one of the best advice today, which was to break out of my mold.

The way I remember he explained it was that I had a certain way of drawing, techincally that I drew myself all the time, and I tend to draw other characters similarly to myself, but with different features here and there. I made dumb excuses, like I usually do, although I'd like to stop making excuses. I still have that thing where I always have to defend myself even though I'm not really being attacked or anything. I will break out of that eventually. Woah, lots of "I"s.

Rafa teaches me ways to break my habit=formula=rut. I don't know or really care whether he does understand me or not, but that fact that he tells me the truth, and the fact that he's teaching me how to break out of the mold that I've created for myself is something that I admire. I really DO want to break out of my mold, because the goal is to always be better than yourself. I also really want to do something different, something I don't usually do, but because I'm so concerned about pretty drawings that I don't even realize that I'm stuck in that small world.

In Rafa's words, "Get out of your little box." I love him (but I love Josh the best.)

Here's a dragon.

-Bianca DG