Thursday, June 30, 2011

Year Book Design Idea

Classmate: Will you be designing a year book cover?
Me: Yeah.
Classmate: What's your idea?
Me: Myself, as usual.

That's right, I decided that I want myself as the poster girl for the yearbook in the AAC, but who knows if my work will be chose. Either way, it's another fun montage for me. LOL!

-Bianca DG


  1. I like! lol both your idea and the new style :D

  2. Thanks Hae-Na! Thanks for dropping a comment raymond. As long as it's not spam, I'm happy.

  3. lol has it settled down a bit?

  4. Yeah, the spamming and the weird messages stopped. I haven't had anything to delete and report for the past 3 days.