Sunday, November 21, 2010

Digital Painting and Cat Fights

Here is a train I created for my digital Painting class. I also submitted this for a possible internship opportunity. I do hope I get in.

Also, here is a fan art of the two cats from Marvel and DC fighting. It was just a fun idea I decided to finish within three hours. Still trying to figure out how to go about doing things. In any case, I didn't want to write down swear words or anything like that. Let's keep this PG.

-Bianca DG

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hi Barney!


-Bianca DG

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rainbow Raptor

Here is my creature, it's called the Rainbow Raptor. I have an entire description on this creature, so here goes:

The Rainbow Raptor lives in the colourful forests of Peru. They are an endangered species that branched out from various lizards that were used as test subjects in creating a new species. Due to an accident which was never recorded, the lizards managed to escape from captivity and lived in the forests. The Forests of Peru became dangerous because of the lizards which were deemed poisonous and radioactive. As time went on, they mated with each other, passing on each other’s traits to their new hatchlings. The new hatchlings would usually be much bigger whenever they grew up, and they grew bigger and bigger, and their appetites were no longer being helped by eating small insects. So then they started eating birds and small animals. Due to their high diet of birds and furry animals, they started adopting feathered fur on their bodies. The new generation kept growing larger and larger, and they could no longer be camouflaged, instead, they used their ability to be seen to attract preys.

Eventually, due to the lack of food, the newly evolved Rainbow Raptors started dying, and the radioactive residue from their ancestors was dissipating from the forests. People started going back to the forests of Peru, not knowing of the new species that evolved. Using their newly evolved bodies, the Rainbow Raptors would attract people and many other quite stupid species by curling themselves in an arch shape, showing off their colourful rainbow feathers. People will go to them, and they would immediately eat them up.

The few survivors from the attacks of the Rainbow Raptor told everyone to beware of the rainbow because it could lead them to their sudden death. Scientists needed to learn about this new species, however, it cost too much money and too many people in order to capture the creature. In their caution, scientists would go out into the forests and look for signs of a Rainbow Raptor. They learned that Rainbow Raptors have acidic saliva, which helps with the digestion of bigger species such as humans. Upon learning about this, the government of Peru gave their scientists the tools they need to capture a Rainbow Raptor, and upon capture of one of them, they were able to conduct many studies.

Rainbow Raptors grow up to 25ft in length and they are bipedal animals that can weigh to 750 pounds. They have acidic saliva which helps aid with the breakdown of food. It burns through human skin and many other organic materials. Although it may be mildly acidic, if the skin is not washed immediately, it may cause 2nd degree burns on the body. They reach their adolescence at 4 years old, and are able to mate by 5. They have a life span of up to 30 years. Female Rainbow Raptors can give birth to about 6 eggs every pregnancy. A Rainbow Raptors’ diet consists mainly of meat. They need as much protein as they can get, but whenever they are satisfied, they don’t need to eat again for another 3 days. However, the amount of food that can satisfy a Rainbow Raptor needs to weigh about one ton.

Due to the lack of Rainbow Raptors, these creatures are not very picky when it comes to mating. The moment they see the opposite sex at the right age, they will just get it on. However, the chance encounter of that in the huge forest is about once every 18 months. These creatures are extremely aggressive carnivores, and should be avoided as much as possible. The only time you can survive passing through a Rainbow Raptor is if it is too full to even think about eating, which rarely ever happens. So to your own safety, be cautious when entering the Forests of Peru, and make sure you know how to run faster than 50km per hour, because that’s how fast Rainbow Raptors are.

-Bianca DG

Monday, November 1, 2010

Creature WIP

Here is my pink DINO!! He's got rainbow coloured fur/feather things. I'm thinking of doing of step by step guide through for this project :D

-Bianca DG