Thursday, January 21, 2010

Caricatures, Cartoons, and Some Extra Life

This week, I have been having more fun with colours and caricatures. I also went to Body Worlds the other day, but I shall post those pictures up tomorrow.

We shall start off with some pretty girl drawings. I did these in about an hour. I got tired of working on homework, so I decided to do some fun stuff.

For life drawings, I started playing around more with my nupastels, which I found were quite soft, which helped me warm up. I like to press hard when I do 30 second gestures, as a warm up at first. Sometimes, I use the nupastels as under drawings for longer poses.

Finally, here are some caricatures I did, again for fun. I find it relaxing doing caricatures, and it does help with character harvesting.

-Bianca DG

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